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You will need an installed ARM toolchain to build the library and the example applications. We recommend using gcc-arm-embedded to create one, this is the toolchain most developers use. We may not be able to help you with problems related to other toolchains.

Getting the source code

$ git clone git://


$ cd libopencm3
$ make

This will build the library itself, as well as all example applications in the examples directory.


It's not really generally a good idea to try "installing" this anywhere, as the library is still in flux. Most common is to either use a submodule (see below) or just use -L/-I flags to point your project to the right place.


  • A recommended usage of libopencm3 is having it as a git submodule inside your own project. Libopencm3 is still under heavy development and the api may change. It is good to have your project bound to the version of libopencm3 you know is working.
  • The examples of libopencm3 are now in a separate repository libopencm3-examples.

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