A free/libre/open-source firmware library for various ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.
flash_common_idcache.h File Reference
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#define FLASH_ACR_DCRST   (1 << 12)
#define FLASH_ACR_ICRST   (1 << 11)
#define FLASH_ACR_DCEN   (1 << 10)
#define FLASH_ACR_ICEN   (1 << 9)


void flash_dcache_enable (void)
 Enable the data cache. More...
void flash_dcache_disable (void)
 Disable the data cache. More...
void flash_icache_enable (void)
 Enable the Instruction Cache. More...
void flash_icache_disable (void)
 Disable the Instruction Cache. More...
void flash_dcache_reset (void)
 Reset the Data Cache. More...
void flash_icache_reset (void)
 Reset the Instruction Cache. More...